About Us

About Us

UTS Printing & Publishing Services Pte Ltd is a professional commercial printing company in Singapore with more than 40 years of experience. We offer speciality in precision and affordable services in creative design and high quality printing. You are assured we print exactly to your needs as your interest is our main concern.


We offer a wide product range from small scale printing including office requirements such namecard printing, brochures printing, folders printing, paper bag printing, NCR invoice printing, ticket printing, sticker printing, booklet printing, note pad printing, poster printing, to heavy duty printing such as books, journals and magazines to even merchandise printing such as corporate cards, gifts, customised boxes and designer paper / canvas bags.

Offering digital and offset printing services for all needs from black and white documents to a 4 colours printing on the different type of paper using the speed and flexibility of digital print or corporate spot colour to full colours printing using the precision and large-run economy of offset printing, we also provide design consultation for those who require prior professional refinement.


We know your needs and timing is always a factor to a quality service. We do not like to rush but we value work done within its time frame.Hence offer our services at the fastest lead time possible. And transparency in service is what our customers appreciate. We will update you in the development of your projects.


With emphasis on creativity, quality and time efficiency, we aspire to provide customised services to support our customers in their business operations as well. Hence, we have been the printing partner for the business needs of many corporate organisations, advertising / marketing agencies, food & beverage outlets, schools, independent communities, schools and institutions

In short, with our depth in experience and vast exposure & wide customer base, we understand truly your corporate needs. Whether you are an established MNC or a young start-up company or an individual who requires consultancy in designing, printing, product imaging solutions, will give you the best customer service to provide ideation and solution, delivering the physical final product to your doorstep.

We realise too that design and printing is not just a simple click of an online order button, hence feel free to extend your enquiries or book a consultation meet-up with us by emailing us at enquiry@utsprinting.com.sg or simply call us at (+65) 6993 9512 or (+65) 6993 9513. Our staff will attend to you with pleasure.